How to save videos from Pinterest

How to save videos from Pinterest

You will learn how to save videos from Pinterest. Pinterest is a very popular social media website like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Though the name may not be as popular in some countries as the others I listed, but it is still a social media giant. Here we want to look at how you can download a video from this website just like you might have known how that is done on Instagram and Facebook.

We know that Pinterest is mostly about pictures, but videos are now uploaded and can also be downloaded on this platform and there are ways to do this, depending on the device you’re using. Let’s get started.

How to save videos from Pinterest

  • Through your mobile app
  • Through browser extension
  1. Through mobile app: 
    This method is for those that are using their mobile device to access Pinterest. There are apps in the Google play store or Apple app store known as video downloaders for Pinterest, search for it and find the best you can use for this purpose. Here’s the step you need to take to achieve this.

    a. When you see the video you wish to download, tap on it to open.

    How to save videos from Pinterest

    b. The next thing to do is to look for the share button and tap on it.

    How to save videos from Pinterest

    c. Look for the copy link option and tap on it to copy the link.
    d. Paste the link in the Video downloader for Pinterest app you downloaded, there’s a space to paste the link in the app when you launch it.
    e. You should see the “Download” button, tap on it to download the video.

  2. Through Browser Extension
    This works well for those that make use of the Chrome browser and that will be the focus of this article. Like mobile phone operating systems have a store to download and install apps, so does the Chrome browser have its own store. Let’s get started with the steps.

    a. Visit the Chrome web store.

    How to save videos from Pinterest

    b. Click on the search bar and search for Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader.
    c. Click on the search result, then click on the “Add to Chrome” Button.
    d. Since you have installed it in your browser, whenever you open your Pinterest and click on the video you wish to download, a red button with an arrow will appear on the left side of the video.
    e. Click on it to download the video.

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