How to stop Telkom from using airtime for data

How to stop Telkom from using airtime for data

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Today we will learn how to stop Telkom from using airtime for data. Most mobile network providers always use your airtime if you don’t have any data subscription for browsing. They encourage you to pay for a data subscription to prevent deducting your airtime whenever you want to access the internet. The practice of using your airtime for data started a long time ago when mobile network providers haven’t started data subscriptions, this wasn’t easy back then for their customers.

Recently many mobile network providers automatically stops you from accessing the internet whenever your data subscription expires to avoid deducting from your airtime. This has been a good improvement on their side but many other companies haven’t imbibed this practice though they might implement it in the future. If your airtime is always deducted and you didn’t make any calls it might not still be from accessing the internet, it might be other services, especially what is known as Wireless Access Service Providers (WASPs). Let’s get down to business and how it’s done.

How to stop Telkom from using airtime for data 

Follow the below steps to achieve this;

  • This can be solved by dialing the USSD code *544# on your Telkom line.
  • From the new window that comes up, select My Data Manager.
  • Then select Activate data manager, follow the last prompts then you’re done.

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