How to Buy Eskom Electricity Online

How to buy Eskom electricity online

With Eskom electricity, you can manage and monitor your power usage. You can also buy Eskom electricity online at any time of your choosing without moving about or looking for an Eskom electricity vendor.

To Buy Eskom electricity online, follow the steps below:

  1. Get an Eskom meter card. From your meter card, you will find your meter number.
  2. From your mobile device, visit the Eskom website, play store, or apple store to download the mobile app or search for accredited vendors.
  3. Buy a voucher.
  4. After this, a token or voucher number will be sent to your device.
  5. Enter the voucher number into the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) and voila, you have your power.

The CIU will show you on the window display how much electricity you have loaded. It will also show you how much electricity you have left.

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