How to buy airtime on Absa bank

How to buy airtime on Absa bank

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There’s nothing like doing things with ease, after all, that’s what technology is all about. When you buy airtime without moving from your comfort zone it brings joy at times. Well, so many banks are giving you that services and Absa are not left out. This article is for South Africans and I will stick the content to them.

Just doing some simple steps will credit your phone with airtime, easy right? Let’s get started. Follow the procedures below to accomplish this.

How to buy airtime on Absa bank

  • Through USSD 
    This is one of the best and easiest ways to buy airtime from this bank but first, you need to register for their Absa NotifyMe. Then dial *120*2272# to log in. Select ‘Prepaid’ from the menu and follow the prompts.
  • Use their App 
    This will require an internet connection to work. You can download their app from Apple Store, Google Play and Windows Store. Once you download it, log in with your bank details required information and tap on Prepaid Mobile. Their app can be used for other services too apart from this.
  • Make use of Atm
    You mustn’t be their customer to use their ATM machine to purchase airtime. Since our focus is on Absa you can use their card to buy airtime through their ATM centers which are close to 8000 in number across South Africa. Visit the ATM center, slot your card in and enter your Pin. Select ‘Other Transactions’. If you do not have an account with Absa yet, select ‘Prepaid’ and follow the instructions.


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