How can you fix a broken heart

How can you fix a broken heart

Recovering from a break up can be very difficult. You find your mind playing tricks on you. You are filled with a whirlwind of overwhelming emotions and sometimes you are unable to differentiate right from wrong. Sometimes, if not properly handled can result in depression.

Along with some vital steps to take to wriggle yourself out of this situation, first, you have to quit crying over spilled milk. Work on letting go of your past relationship so you can move on and focus on feeling better. Then try out these steps.

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How to Fix a Broken Heart

  • Get a Distraction: Focus your attention on something else other than the person who broke your heart. Engage yourself in activities that you love doing. It could be reading, dancing, a sport, or whatever makes you happy. You can also decide to take up an interesting job or pursue a career if you hadn’t one and give it your best shot. This can help get your mind relaxed and occupied.
  • Exercise: Regular work out and exercises can help you destress and clear your mind. Try going for a walk, jogs, and runs at least 30minutes daily. Also, try doing deep breathing exercises when you start to feel anxious or stressed to help you calm down and relax. Yoga sessions can also be of great help.
  • Be Positive: Positive affirmations can help you maintain a positive outlook on life after a breakup. Try reciting positive affirmations in the morning when you get up or in bed before you go to sleep. Focus on positive affirmations that make you feel empowered and strong. Say them as you mean them.
  • Avoid self-destructive behaviors. Some people deal with problems by turning to alcohol and hard drugs. Try not to engage in such activities as they may harm you physically or mentally. Also, avoid being alone to prevent dangerous thoughts like suicide.
  • Spend time with close friends and family: Get in touch with family members and spend quality time with them. Let them be a source of support to you in this hard time. Talk to them letting them know how you feel, it helps.
  • Get professional help: Try seeing a counselor if you are really struggling with your emotions. You may be more comfortable going to see someone professionally that you know is effective and welcoming.
  • Get a pet. Having a pet can help to distract you from your broken heart. Your pet can offer you companionship and can provide a lot of daily comforts. You will also find that you are occupied with taking care of the pet that you will forget your pain. Ensure that you are ready to care for a pet before you get it as it requires time and money to feed and care for the pet.


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