How to go Live on Facebook

Facebook live video

Facebook launched it’s live streaming feature known as Facebook Live on December 8, 2016. The sweetest part of this is the ability of the live video streaming and this has made marketers the happiest people ever.

Having a Facebook business page isn’t enough in today’s online world, but going live captures the attention of your followers. Today we have Instagram Live, LiveStream, IGTV and many others, knowing how to use the Facebook section will be important for whatever reason you want to make use of it for.

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How to go live on Facebook

Here comes our main topic of the day, follow the below steps below if you are using your PC

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. In your News Feed, click on Create PostFacebook live
  3. Click on the three dots by the right side of the status pop up.Go live on Facebook
  4. You will see Live Video by the left side, click on it to activate your Camera for a Live video.

How to go live on Facebook using your mobile device

  1. Go to your News Feed which is same as Facebook Home page in your smartphone Facebook app.Facebook status
  2. Just like we did in the PC steps, click in your status and look below to see the video camera icon. If you can’t see the options click on ‘Add to Your Post’ to bring out the list of options.Facebook live video
  3. Click on the Video Camera icon.
  4. Click on Allow Access
  5. Remember to click on Add Description, write a short description of what your video is all about to make your followers understand more.
  6. You can click n the three dots at the top right corner if you want to go for Live Audio.

There are also other features like the various beautiful Filters, lenses and also the option of drawing or writing on your Live video.

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