How To End or Break Up A Relationship

We are going to teach you how To End or Break Up A Relationship. To end a relationship is not always easy especially when both of you have spent a good number  of years in the relationship. So many things are put into consideration while trying to go through this process and making this difficult decision. There are so many relationships, such as the one between family members, friends, business partners and the romantic ones. Here our focus is on the romantic type, especially the ones that will likely lead to marriage, when it comes to that, the two parties how to be careful, but what happens when its not moving well.

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We are going to discuss some signs you have to put into consideration before we move ahead to discuss how to end your relationship. Remember you don’t have to end your relationship simply because you are mad with your partner, that’s not a reason at all.

7 Signs that show its time to end your relationship

Your fantasizes about life is now with a different person
When your dreams about your life partner begins to have another person’s picture, believe me you are no longer interested in your partner. When i talk about fantasies i don’t mean having a single day dream means your focus have changed but when you are constantly having these imaginations daily it means there’s red flag there.

Partners With different values
This occurs when both of you have different views about life such as type of family you want, type of life you want to live and many other views. Though this could be negotiated but it could lead to one compromising for the other which will definitely backfire later in life.

No More Trust
When trust issues begins to put its head in there’s danger and it may be time to start thinking of ending this relationship. No one goes into marriage with no trust for his partner, its really a disaster to even imagine that. Have this in mind that it is very difficult to regain trust again when its lost.

No More Fun
What makes a relationship interesting is the fun attached to it, it makes the relationship enjoyable and beautiful. Then what happens when all this is gone, the relationship becomes boring and static, someone you can’t have fun with, visit places, crack jokes and all that, isn’t someone you should be planing to spend the rest of your life with.

No Future Visualized
When you can’t think of or imagine spending the rest of your life with her, its a message that you should be thinking of ending your relationship. There should be excitement whenever you see her and your thoughts most of the time should be about spending the rest of your life with him or her. Don’t waste your time or her time when you know you may likely leave one day, that’s my advice on such matters.

Emotionally Abusive Relationship
This is very important to have in mind before you shoot yourself on the leg. What are emotional abuse in a relationship, some of the examples include ignoring you, humiliating or abusing you, turning every situation to your fault, cheating on you, domination and control.

Physical Abuse
This is more on the side of the men although women do that too. Physically attacking your partner is the biggest sign to leave a relationship there’s nothing much to think about in this situation, don’t have hope there will be changes though it can happen but its very rare. Tomorrow if you eventually get married to your partner you may likely provoke him/her again and there will be a physical abuse again. Please this is a big sign to end your relationship and move on.

How To End A Relationship

Now that we have finished laying out the signs that shows you its likely to be time to end your relationship, let’s now discuss the way to end your relationship.

1. Make up your mind
Ending a relationship involves a lot, you really have to make yo your mind that this is what you want and no compromise. Deep down in your mind you know it won’t be easy and no one says ending a relationship is something very easy because there will be resistance and emotional pain either from you or your partner.

2. Have a face-to-face meeting with her
Never end your relationship through text messages, calls or through someone communicating to the other. Why its so is because your partner will consider you a coward or not being serious about it, only do this if the news will make your partner turn violent. This meeting should be in private not public places because emotions will likely set in which could draw the attention of the public.

3. Don’t end the relationship when you are highly emotional
Your partner won’t take you seriously if you are in a heat, it only best works out when you are calm and serious.

4. No Compromise
Like i said before make sure you have made up your mind before embarking on this journey. Your partner will likely have an emotional response and upset which could make you to compromise and lead you to say things like “I didn’t mean it am sorry” just to stop them from being hurt.

5. Don’t blame your partner
Some people make the mistake of putting the blames on their partner during this conversation of breaking up with their partner, words such as You hurt me badly, you don’t say good things about me and so on. Instead, use words this relationship can’t work out anymore, we are not meant to be.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Statements
There is a statement that you don’t need at this moment which includes; You’re bound to meet someone really special who is more right for you than I am, We can still be friends and many more of such words. Simple stick to the current situation at hand.

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