How To Transfer Money using FNB cellphone and Internet Banking

We want to teach you how to transfer money using FNB cellphone and internet banking. FNB which stands for First National Bank is a top South African bank under First Rand Group. Being a popular bank the customers and the public would want to know how to make use of their cell phones for transactions and also how to make use of FNB internet banking, well that’s why we are here to teach you how to do that. There are reports of them spreading to other countries in Africa but for now our article is about their bank in South Africa.

How To Transfer money from your bank account to another account Using Your Mobile Phone

This is the easiest method of transferring money to people from your account but it involves two ways to achieve this. Before you go into this make sure you have an active bank account with FNB and also register for cellphone banking to begin this process. Let’s get started;

  1. They call it Once-Off Payments and its the best and easiest way to perform your transactions. Dial 120321# for all the transactions.

  2. Enter your pin

  3. Select banking

  4. Select Payments which is the 4th option

  5. Select Once off payments

  6. Select Pay Individual

  7. Choose FNB

  8. Then enter account number of the recipient

  9. Then enter the amount

  10. Finally, click on Pay

The second method is to visit and follow the instructions for your transactions.

FNB Internet Banking

This is a bit more advanced than the mobile or cellphone banking method. Here, you get to do more things that is to say there are many options for you here unlike the USSD code method.

How To Add a Beneficiary or Recipient on FNB

Adding a recipient is fast and simple. This makes it quicker to transfer money to them without having to start typing the account number every time you want to perform a transaction with any of the accounts. Only add account numbers you often send money to.

  1. Register first, you can visit the branch for more details.

  2. After the registration you will get a username and a password. Then visit FNB official website and login with your details.

  3. Click on the PAY tab located at the top of the screen.

  4. At this point if you have an already added recipients they will appear on your screen, now click on ADD at the top of the screen the ADD RECIPIENT menu opens.

  5. Click on account to select your default payment account which should be your account number.

  6. In the second phase of the menu you get to see Set up your recipient details where you see two options to choose from which are An Account or A Public Recipient.

  7. After that step fill the other information there once done click on Add Recipient.

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  1. Here’s the good part about this, FNB made sure you don’t make mistakes, so after clicking on Add Recipient it doesn’t add immediately, you will need to go through the details once again to make sure the information is correct.

  2. After crosschecking click on the confirm if none or click on edit to make changes.

  3. You are in the last phase now, the next thing you see on the screen is a request to enter your One time PIN (OTP), after this click on submit.

  4. The next phase is a Thank You message display, click on Finish or if you want to pay the person immediately there’s another option by the side of Finish which says Pay Recipient Now, you can select that if you want to make the payment immediately.

How To Transfer Money To Someone Using FNB Without Knowing Their Account Number

Yes, its quite possible to transfer money to someone without knowing their account number. This is possible by knowing just their mobile or cellphone number. Under FNB this system is called Pay2Cell and is quite simple but a bit technical. What are the criterias needed for this to be achieved? the sender must have an active transnational account and also have his cellphone number registered for mobile banking while the receiver must have an active cellphone number. Follow the steps below to do this;

  • 1. Dial *120*321# in your mobile phone
  • 2. After that your pin will be required for you to have access to the menu, enter your pin.
  • 3. Select the Banking option
  • 4. Next is to select the Payments option
  • 5. Select Pay2Cell
  • 6. You will be required to enter the Cellphone number of the receiver
  • 7. After that the next thing is to enter the amount you wish to send
  • 8. Finally, Confirm the transaction and you will get a confirmation message.


Another method to do this is through the internet which is through their mobile website which you can visit with your phone. Simply follow the same procedure as in above by entering your pin, then select Banking>Payment>Pay2Cell. Then enter the cell phone details and amount you wish to pay and then confirm the payment.

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