Birthdays of my friends list in February

Birthdays of my friends list

In this article, we will show you the birthdays of your friend’s list in February. Birthdays are important events in our lives. We celebrate it every year with friends and family and it creates a lot of memories. Facebook also understands the value and they made sure every registered member on Facebook gets to celebrate their birthdays and this is shown to their friends as a notification.

Birthdays of my friends list in February

  • To access your Friend’s birthday on Facebook, log in to your Facebook and click on Events on the left side of your screen.Birthdays of my friends list in February
  • In the same left section of your screen, click on Birthdays.Birthdays of my friends
  • You will see a list of Upcoming Birthdays as you scroll down. That will give you a list of all birthdays coming for the month.

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