Where to find Facebook ID

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facebook ID

Facebook ID is what makes you unique in Facebook. What we mean by ID is your identity, because you’re not the only one that goes by the name your answer on Facebook, many people does. You can have more than 500 people answering your name since Facebook already have over 2 billion registered users.

Where to find Facebook ID

To find your Facebook ID is very simple and we will list the steps to achieve that. Follow the instructions below and please carefully.

  • Login to your Facebook profile but please make use of your browser for this, not the Facebook app.
  • Click on this link https://www.facebook.com/me or click on your profile.
  • When it opens click on About page.facebook id
  • Take a look at the address bar of your browser at the top of your page. From the picture above the numbers that were blurred is your Facebook ID or that of any profile. It ends before the percentage symbol.

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