Where To Find Birthdays on Facebook

Find birthdays on Facebook with ease. As usual, we always teach you how to do things on 247Howto and we have received lots of requests from our followers on how to go about this topic. Birthdays are memorable events of a lifetime that takes place yearly, and people don’t tend to play with theirs at all.

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Sometimes Facebook is a bit complicated and may make you not to be able to find where people’s birthdays are. Your Facebook friends may not be happy if you don’t wish them a happy birthday which may also affect your relationship with that person especially those that values it much. Follow the steps below to learn how to find it.

Where To Find Birthdays on Facebook

  • If you are using a PC, log in to your Facebook account
  • Take a look at the left side of your screen and click on Events

    Where To Find Birthdays on Facebook

  • When the page opens, click on Birthdays, located at the left side of your screen.


  • You will see the list of your friends birthday

    happy birthday

  • By the right section, you will see the Recent Birthdays.

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