How to check Mtn data balance in Nigeria

How to check Mtn data balance in Nigeria

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Mtn has the highest number of users in Nigeria which also makes them the favorites when it comes to the number of people subscribing for data. Nowadays, we can’t do without internet since the world has become a global village. From surfing the news, checking your favorite football team score, downloading songs and streaming of videos, you will agree with me that the internet has become a part of our life.

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When we subscribe for an internet subscription, we always want to check our data balance to avoid being cut off suddenly when we exhaust it unknowingly.

How to check Mtn data balance in Nigeria

To check your data balance inĀ  Mtn follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *131#
  2. Select the 4th option which is Balance check
  3. You will receive a message that will tell you the remaining data you have.
  4. Another method is to download MyMtn app.
  5. When you launch it, it shows you all your balances, including data.

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