Where do i find my saved boards

Where do i find my saved boards

Pinterest is an interesting social media website to visit because of its unique pin and board feature. There are many boards to create but the question is where can you find the boards you created and saved. If you’re a newbie to Pinterest this might be a little confusing but am here to guide you so you won’t experience any difficulty while making use of this great platform.

Where do I find my saved boardsĀ 

  • When you log in to your Pinterest account it will take you to the homepage where you see different updates from others.
  • Click on your picture to go to your Profile, this can be located at the top right of your screen for PC users. For mobile apps, look at the bottom right of your screen.

    Where do i find my saved boards

  • Once the next page opens, scroll through the page to see your boards.

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