Where do I find my invites on Facebook

When you make use of Facebook regularly, you must have come across invites from people asking you to attend a party or a program. These invitations usually appear on your notifications and go down as new notifications come up. You might miss some invitations because you might be the type of person that doesn’t use Facebook regularly, the good thing there’s a place you can see all your invites. Let’s get started.

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Where do I find my invites on Facebook 

  • Once you’re logged in to your Facebook account, take a look at the left side, click on See More, and then click on Events.
  • Under Your Upcoming Events, you’ll be able to see the events that are coming up.

    Where do I find my invites on Facebook

  • Click on Your Your Events.
  • Then click on Invites to see all events you have been invited to.

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