Online Colleges Near Me – How To Find Them

university of central Florida

There are so many online colleges out there that we see their adverts daily. The trend of these institutions has made higher education easily accessible and making it easy to acquire a college degree.

You will have the opportunity to choose many outstanding academic and professional programs at your fingertips, at the comfort of your home and time. Online colleges don’t need to be near you for you to access it, all you need is your internet connection and a PC preferably, although smartphones can still do the job.

Online Colleges Near Me

1. University of Florida-Online

university Florida

A fully online bachelor’s programs that can lead to in-demand careers include biology, cell science, and nursing. Additionally, the university features over six dozen master’s degree options. Their materials for application include high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores.

Important information about this school

Number of Online Programs: 22 undergraduate degrees; 79 master’s degrees

Tuition: $129/credit in-state; $553/credit out-of-state

Credit Requirements: 120 credits

Schedule: Semester

Admission Requirement GPA: 2.5 minimum for transfer credit.

2. University of Central Florida

university of central Florida

Also one of the best you can choose from for distant learners. It provides distance learners with over 50 undergraduate and graduates degrees. One of their famous degree program includes a master’s in digital forensics and a bachelor’s in criminal justice.

Important information about this school

Number of Online Programs: 24 bachelor’s degrees; 32 master’s degrees; 3 doctoral degrees; 33 graduate certificates

Tuition: $179/credit in-state; $716/credit out-of-state

Credit Requirements: 120 credits

Admission Requirement GPA: 2.0 minimum

3. Trine University

Trine University

Their online degrees include associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs. Trine University also allows online learners to spend financial aid awards on hardware and software.

Important information about this school 

Number of Online Programs: 6 associate degrees; 11 bachelor’s degrees; 6 master’s degrees

Tuition: $399/credit

Credit Requirements: 120 credits

Schedule: Quarter

4. Colorado State University-Global Campus 

Colorado State University-Global Campus

The Colorado State University-Global Campus offers bachelor’s degrees in accounting and criminal justice, as well as master’s degrees in finance and professional accounting. One of the amazing things about this university is that their classes start monthly, which gives any aspiring student the chance to enroll.

Important information about this school  

Number of Online Programs: 13 bachelor’s degrees; 13 master’s degrees

Tuition: $350/credit

Credit Requirements: 120 credits

Admission Requirement GPA: 2.8 minimum

5. Arizona State University-Skysong 

Arizona State University-Skysong

They offer many undergraduate and graduate programs. Arizona State University-Skysong is a popular online university and 87% of recent graduates received job offers within 90 days of earning their degree.

Important information about this school   

Number of Online Programs: 36 bachelor’s degrees; 24 master’s degrees; 26 graduate certificates

Tuition: $5,355/semester in-state; $6,360/semester out-of-state

Credit Requirements: 120 credits

Admission Requirement GPA: 2.5 minimum for transfer applicants.


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