How To Transfer Money Using ABSA Cellphone Banking

This article will teach you how to transfer money using ABSA cellphone banking. ABSA which means Amalgamated Banks of South Africa but its name was later changed to Barclays Africa Group Limited in 2013 is one of the leading banks in South Africa. The headquarters is at Johannesburg, South Africa. Everyone finds it difficult to go to the bank and start making transactions, you get stressed up and waste a lot of time just to withdraw and pay into another account or transfer directly from your bank.

This time around it has become so easy to transfer money within few minutes or seconds depending on how good your network is. Do you know the good part is that you get to do this in your own comfort zone and also anywhere with your mobile phone. Yet the best of it all, no internet services are required, just your phone and your sim card that’s all.

Mobile code for Registration

The mobile code is very simple, just dial 1202272# on your phone
Next you follow the instructions to register
After your registration it will take up to a day which is 24 hours for you to enjoy the full services they offer.
What are the services you get to enjoy while using this USSD codes for your banking? Here they are;

Check your account balances

Apply for an Absa Personal Loan

Top up your contactless card wallet

View and redeem your Absa Rewards

Send money using CashSend

Buy PrePaid electricity

Buy PrePaid airtime, data, and SMS bundles

Get account mini-statements

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How To Transfer money from your bank account to another who doesn’t have an account using your mobile phone USSD

Yes, it’s very possible to transfer money to someone who doesn’t have an account number. It will only take a few steps to complete the processes. Look at the steps below carefully to complete the transaction.

  1. Just as the registration goes, dial 1202272# , this time around you have to login

  2. You will be required to put in your 3 digit pin in order to login

  3. After logging in, you have select option 3 which is Cashsend

  4. Next, select option 1 by pressing 1 to send money.

  5. ABSA requires that you accept the terms and condition of the Cashsend service, you do this pressing 1.

  6. A space appears where you will input the amount of money you want to transfer, then input the recipient’s mobile number you want to transfer the money to.

  7. Then select the PIN code the receiver will input at the ATM machine.

  8. Finally press 1 to confirm the transaction.

  9. Send the pin number to the person you transferred the money to its usually 6 digit.

How To Receive Money From Cashsend

No ATM card is required to receive the money but before going to withdraw the money, make sure you have received the 10 digit PIN in an SMS. Just follow the steps below to get your money.

  1. Locate any ABSA ATM that offers the CashSend function.

  2. Once you find the ATM machine press the CashSend Withdrawal button .

  3. Space appears, now input the 10-digit withdrawal number code

  4. Input the 6 digit pin the sender sent to you

  5. Enter the exact amount sent to you, the total amount, its a must. Then the machine can now deliver your money.

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