How To Quit Alcohol Addiction – Kill The Craving

Let’s get to know how to quit Alcohol Addiction. To quit alcohol addiction addiction isn’t easy, it’s a popular topic in the world today. It has made some people to reach the extent of losing most important things in their life because of this. Drinking alcohol isn’t bad, because it’s a legal commodity and also helps to lower anxiety and inhibitions but being addicted to it is another thing. In order to understand this topic more we will start by the definition.

What is Alcohol addiction

This occurs when an individual have a physical and emotional dependence on the substance and lacks the ability to control it. Though they come in different forms which includes; Beer, Hard Liquor and Wine. Among all of them Beer has the lowest volume of alcohol content while wine is greater in alcohol volume. Hard liquor is the strongest of them all examples of hard liquor are tequila, vodka, gin, rum and whiskey.

How To Know If You Are An Addict

Getting to know your addiction is the first step. How do you realize you are an addict? well here’s the answer to that question, every addict feels depressed after the effect of the addiction is gone, its just like a cycle. We have casual consumers and addicts, there’s nothing like heavy consumers. So if you consume much alcoholic drinks daily or you feel uncomfortable when you haven’t consumed any per day or few days then you are an addict.

Bad Effects/Negative Consequences of Alcohol to an addict’s Life

Alcohol have effects that isn’t good to the consumer. We are going to list them below so you can understand how bad it can destroy someone’s life.

  1. Financial Problems: It can lead the abuser to poverty, due to both the money spent in buying it and time you spent being under its control. Just as the saying goes; Time is money.

  2. Relationship and Family Problems: No one wants to associate with someone who is an alcoholic heavy consumer or a drunk. With time you will start to loose friends and most importantly your family. If you are married it can lead to a divorce in the union due to lack of attention to family or if you are dating someone then you got to get ready for a break up.

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  1. Loss of Job: Here’s another painful part of this. Losing your job is inevitable because no company wants a drunk in his establishment. You are an entrepreneur? Then it can lead to a collapse in your business or not getting to the height you want to reach.

4.  Loss of Consciousness: This is very bad, when you are unconscious you could do things that you will regret later, this include rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, accidents and many others.

How Alcohol Destroys Your Body

This sub category is still under its bad effects but i separated it because of the enormous dangers that this substance can put your body through. Let’s look at them;

  1. It can shrink the frontal lobes of your brain after a long use.

  2. It can damage your intestines which could lead to stomach pain.

  3. It can lead to erectile dysfunction

  4. Diabetes complications might occur.

  5. Muscle cramps may occur

  6. Lung infections can occur which makes it difficult for your body to fight bacteria and viruses.

  7. Damage of liver

There are many more but we have to keep moving, you can do more research on its effects on your body. Now that we have seen the negative sides of it, let’s see how to Quit Alcohol Addiction.

Causes of Alcoholic addiction

There’s no major cause of alcoholic addiction but science have stated that this reasons could be the causes; Genetic predisposition, environment, and mental health.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol and get your life back

In every addiction, the solution is usually killing the cravings. Yes of course when the craving goes there will be nothing that could push you to the substance any longer.

1. Identify your Triggers

This is the first step to take when you want to let go of this enemy. Sit down in a quiet place and ask yourself this questions, What makes me want to drink alcohol so bad? Which mood triggers this behavior? What times does this occur? Is it the whether or is it fatigue? When you find answers to this questions please write them down and read them often until you are aware of how your problems starts, for here lies the solution.

2. Avoid The Triggers

High risk situations is what triggers your dependence on alcohol. Don’t buy to keep at home, cleanse your house of alcoholic drinks and also avoid attending social parties where you’re aware alcohol will be consumed. Make sure your family members are aware of this so they keep alcohol far away from home. Change your friends, those ones you move with to consume this substance, make them understand you don’t want to live this type of life anymore.

3. Open Up

People around you already know you are an addict to this but they will be more than happy to assist you make a change.When you open up to them about the changes you want to make make sure you do some research before this so you can explain to them the challenges and how they can be of assistance. Most non addicts don’t know the solution to this kind of problems.

4. Exercise

Exercise is not only about being fit or some other health advantages it brings, its also one of the best ways to replace bad habits. How does this work? it stimulate some of the same circuits and neurotransmitters in the brain as many addictive substances also does in the brain. There are so many types of exercises out there you can start with but i recommend you start with the simplest one walking.

5. Healthy Diet

Having to eat a healthy diet can go a long way to help in the recovering process. Nutritious diet assists the restoration of both physical and mental health.

6. Change of Habits

Without a change or replacement of a new habit, the old one won’t disappear. Before you became an addict there were things you do with your time even if you can’t do some of those activities currently you can begin new ones, because these activities have been replace by a an enemy in disguise of a friend known as alcohol. This enemy will only leave when you replace it with healthy friends. Good luck on your journey to freedom. We believe you have read the ways how to Quit Alcohol Addiction, please share with friends.

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