how to submit eskom meter readings

how to submit eskom meter readings

how to submit eskom meter readings

As an Eskom customer, you can now read and submit your own meter reading on a monthly basis using a channel of your choice. Submitting your own meter readings and electricity usage makes you know your bill is accurate. Here is how to submit Eskom meter readings.

How to Submit Eskom Meter Readings

There are several ways for you to submit your readings, the easiest is either to download the Eskom App (Andriod & Apple) onto your mobile phone or to submit your reading using the Eskom internet portal CS-Online.

Note that you need to submit your meter readings within a specific window period. To find out what your window period is, look at your bill and find your next estimated reading date.


  1. Log in to the “MyEskom customer app” with your username and password Account Detail (My Current Bill).
  2. Under menu options, click on “Submit meter reading”.
  3. Click on “Please select a premise”.
  4. Click on the relevant premise for which you are submitting a reading.
  5. Select the date on which you are submitting your meter reading from the calendar.
  6. Enter the meter reading for the first-meter number in the “Enter your
    reading” field. The captured reading for the first (or only) meter will be displayed.
  7. If applicable: Enter the meter reading for the second-meter number in the
    “Enter your reading” field.
  8. If applicable: Enter the meter reading for the third-meter number in the
    “Enter your reading” field.

Then click on the “Submit” button and the success page will display with the following message:
“Thank You – Your request has been submitted.
Your reference number will be sent to you shortly via SMS. Our target is to process
your submitted meter readings within 1 working day.
A copy of your request has been emailed to your registered address”.


For the Eskom CS Online channel, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Eskom CS Online website.

  2. Select the “Submit Meter Readings” button.

  3. Enter a “Reading Date” and “Reading Time”. Displayed on the page will be your unique reading window.

  4. Select the meter that you would like to enter reading for, by selecting a meter number in the data grid provided.

  5. Enter the reading in the “Please enter a reading field”, and select the “Capture Meter Reading”. This step will be repeated 3 times for 3 phase meters.

  6. Select the “Submit Request” when all readings have been entered.

  7. On the confirmation page, select the “Final Submit” button.
    Note: To edit a meter reading, select the “Edit Meter Readings” button and navigate back to the screen in step 3. Step 3 and step 4 may be repeated, until you select the “Final Submit” button.
    When you are done, your reference number will appear.

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