how to check eskom load shedding

how to check load shedding on Eskom

how to check load shedding on Eskom

To check your Eskom load shedding you need to understand what load shedding is all about and how it runs in provinces and municipalities in South Africa. Load shedding is a controlled process that responds to unplanned events in order to protect the electricity power system from a total blackout.

However, blackouts occur when there is too much electricity demand and too little supply, bringing the power system into an imbalance and consequently tripping the power system in its entirety. So to control this, you need to know how to check Eskom load shedding.

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How to Check Eskom Load Shedding

The load shedding timetable starts when there is a formal announcement from Eskom. To check what the position is of load shedding at any time, follow the procedures below:

  1. Go to the Eskom load shedding website by clicking here.
  2. You will see a monthly timetable for load shedding.
  3. Type in your Suburb/town in the quick-search box or choose your Province/Metropolitan Area/Suburb/town via the drop-down boxes. If you cannot find your Suburb/Town, try to search for areas adjacent to your neighborhood.
  4. On the left menu options, click on your province name.
  5. You will be presented with a list of municipalities, click on your municipality.
  6. On the next screen, you will be presented with a list of suburb options, click on the one relevant to you and which will then take you to your schedules
  7. If you are scheduled from 16:00 to 18:30, but load shedding is declared at 17h00, you will only be load shed from 17h00 to 18h30.
  8. If you are scheduled on a lower stage and a higher stage is declared, then your current time slot will be included in the higher stage.
  9. You can also download the MyEskom App which now provides the ability to search for an Eskom schedule using Eskom Account Number, Eskom Meter Number, Address or Geolocation, plus a number of other value-added functions.

However, if you are an Eskom customer and cannot find your schedule:

Please either login to CS Online on the Eskom website or call the Eskom Contact Centre on 0860037566 / 08600ESKOM to verify your schedule. You can use your Eskom Account or Meter Number to find your schedule.

If you are not an Eskom customer and cannot find your schedule, please contact your Municipality or Metro. The Municipality/Metro schedules are different from the Eskom schedules in design and detail.

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