How to Stop Auto Top up on Cell C


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how to stop auto top up on cell c

Knowing how to activate auto top-up on Cell C can be of great help in time of need but it can be a bother also. This article is carefully written to educate you on how to stop auto top-up on Cell C.

Automatic Top-up means that you can set your Cell C top-up preferences once and it will recur automatically according to your selected criteria/preferences. You can either set the rule for whenever your balance reaches a certain amount or on a certain day of the month for your sim to be automatically recharged.

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Cell C is one of the renowned mobile operators in South Africa. Their coverage is wide and vast and they control several customers. Sometimes. these customers may have a need for emergency airtime/data when they run out of it. Cell C then provides a system of providing you with emergency airtime when you are low or out of it.

Although people have benefitted from this arrangement, some have also complained of illegal deductions from their Cell C sim and desire for a change. This arrangement can then be stopped so as to avoid further occurrence.

How to Stop Auto Top up on Cell C

To stop or cancel Auto top up on Cell C, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *147# from your Cell C sim.
  2. Follow the prompts and instructions to cancel the automatic recharge.


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