How to Speed up Rain Network

How to Speed up Rain Network

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Speed is the product of force and distance and if you lack speed you may not be able to cover much distance. However, every problem has a solution and this article covers the key ways to speed up Rain network.

Initially, the 4G network had a lot of complaints and issues arising from the network speed. This posed a lot of constraints and issues causing businesses and brands to be affected.

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To this effect, Rain network has upgraded its network with the availability of 5G SIM. This 5G SIM makes using the Rain network a whole lot simpler and faster.

Why 5G SIM? A 5G SIM is a tamper-proof secure element and is currently the only solution to secure 5G network access. This SIM aims directly at addressing the key issues associated with network speed, enhanced mobile broadband, and critical communications.

The 5G Rain SIm will help you get the best 5G experience by optimizing your signal thereby speeding up your network.

How to Speed up Rain Network

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to my rain account with your details.
  3. Click manage on your product tile.
  4. Scroll down to “optimize my signal’ and follow the prompts/tips provided.

After you have done this, ensure you set up your device at the best location that attracts a high-speed network to get the best experience.

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