How to see a deleted or removed message on Facebook


We might make a mistake while making use of Facebook messenger to delete a chat or conversation and later wish to retrieve it. There are many reasons we might wish to retrieve a conversation we deleted, but this feature is not yet on Facebook. This means that once you delete your chat or conversation on Facebook, it’s gone for good and you can’t retrieve it.

While this is so, we can show you a few things you can do about this issue. Read the guidelines below and see some steps you can take.

How to see a deleted or removed message on Facebook 

  • Communicate the person you had the conversation with. 
    Deleting a message from your inbox only occurred on your own messenger, the conversation still remains in your friend’s messenger. The best thing to do if it’s possible is to contact your friend to send you any information you need from the conversation.
  • Archive the Message instead 
    -Right-click on the conversation you’d like to archive.
    -Click Hide Conversation.

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