How to present a gift card

How to present a gift card

How to present a gift card

No matter how simple a gift is, what makes it unique is the way it is presented. Whatever your reason for giving out a gift, sometimes a gift card is an ideal gift. However, you still want to make sure that the gift shows that care and thought have gone into it. To help, here are some creative ways to give gift cards.

How To Give A Gift Card

  1. Pick out the right gift card: The gift card should depend on the occasion and the likes of the receiver. Do they have a daily coffee habit? Then maybe they’d appreciate a gift card to their local coffee shop. Or maybe they’re in need of some new work clothes after starting a new job. If so, a gift certificate for a professional clothing store might be best.

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  1. Find a thematic gift card holder: The care you put into wrapping the gift card or in finding the perfect gift card holder shows through in the end. Take time to design the gift card with thematic wrapping paper, ribbons, and other things that can make the gift card beautiful.

  2. Include a card with the gift card: It’s important to always include a special card in any gift. This shows the giftee exactly how much you appreciate them. The card should contain sweet words showing your intentions.

  3. Gift Card Wreath: You may wish to create a seasonal wreath and use clothespins to attach the gift cards around the wreath.

  4. Gift Card Garland: Garlands can be really beautiful and similar to the wreath, this decorative garland is perfect for the holidays. Simply attach gift cards with ribbon or clothespins to segments along with the garland.

  5. Gift Card Flowers: Use a personalized flower pot as the base for this creative idea. Then create “flowers” out of wooden sticks and construction paper. Attach the gift cards to the “flowers” at the end. Finally “plant the flowers” in the flower pot and decorate with a ribbon.

  6. A Giving Tree: Create a “giving tree” by gluing a collection of thin branches, sticks, and stems together at the base. Make sure it branches out at the end to resemble a tree. Then use twine to tie gift cards to the ends of the branches.

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