How To Post Or Import a Story On Medium

how to post on medium

Medium is one of the most powerful online publishing platform. Launched on 15 August 2012, it allows people to share their stories and ideas with the world. What’s special about this website is that it helps people to share what they like with others and for people to find interesting stuffs they are looking for or they might stumble upon.

Many bloggers use Medium a lot to drive traffic to their blog and it has proven to be one of the good ways to bring exposure to your blog. Just like their slogan goes; a place to read and write, so it’s either you are in medium to read what people have shared or you are there to write or share your own stories.

How To Post Or Import Your Blog Post On Medium

If you want to write or post on Medium, follow the steps below;

  1. By now you must have registered on Medium already. Take a look at the right upper side of your PC and click on your profile picture, then select New Story.

    how to post on medium

  2. You will see the Title space and where it’s written below it Tell Your Story. Write your story in that space and add the Title.

    medium new post

  3. You will see a plus+ symbol by the side, it’s the option to add image or video.

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  4. When you’re done click on Ready to Publish.
  5. To import a post or your own blog post on medium, use this Medium import link to achieve that. When the link enters click on Import, in the next page arrange the article and pictures, then click onĀ Ready to Publish.

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