How to cancel friend request sent by me on Facebook

i can't send friend requests

how to cancel friend request sent by me on facebook

How to cancel friend request sent by me on Facebook is something you need to know. Facebook already got up to 2 billion members already and we are all on Facebook for different reasons which include; to connect with old friends, market your products, dating and many other reasons. Whatever may be the reason we might mistakenly send a friend request to someone or feel bad when a sent request is sent and the individual refuses to accept.

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If the last one is the reason, then this might make you feel ashamed of yourself for being let down. Well to cut the long story short, it’s very easy to cancel an already sent request. Follow the below process;

  1. By now you must have sent the request already by clicking the Add friend feature.
  2. Take your cursor to the Friend Request sent button.
  3. 3. Other options appear which includes; Close Friends, Acquaintances, Add to another list and then Cancel Request.
  4. Click on Cancel Request. The option changes back to Add Friend.

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