How to Post a Job on Facebook

how to post a job on facebook

To post a job on Facebook is for those that have a job to offer. This was made for employers to have the chance to post jobs on their Facebook page and also run it as ads in other to target the employees they need for the job. When published the applicants can fill the application and also edit.

There are job websites that you can post your offers and people can apply but one good thing you need to remember about Facebook is that there are over 2 billion users. There is every possibility of the employee you are looking for to have an account and also see your Facebook job postings. Everything in life has a technique, posting jobs is different from using it to get quality applicants. First, we will look at some tips to use to post jobs on Facebook.


Your post should start with a question 

Experts in Facebook ads have shown that when running ads starting with a question that someone reading can say yes to works. Always use this technique when posting your jobs.

Promote your posts

It’s important to boost your post to reach a wider audience. When you don’t promote it, you will only be able to reach people who follow or like your page.

Have a target audience

While promoting your posts you need to put into consideration what you want. Things to consider are; interests, education, locations, and other things. Take time to consider what you want from your employee before you structure your target audience.

Make use of an image

Images increase engagement of any post than just words. People tend to have interest whenever they see an image and in this aspect, you don’t need just an image but also the right size of it.

Common image sizes (in pixels):

  • Post: 940 x 788
  • In-feed ad image: 1200 x 628
  • Right column ad image: 1200 x 628

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How to Post a Job on Facebook

Now we have come to the main topic of the day, below are the steps to achieve this.

  1. First thing you have to do is to go to your Facebook page.
  2. Just above the Write a Post feature, click Job.

    how to post a job on facebook

  3. A form will pop up, fill the form by inputting your Job title, description, and other requirements.

    job posting

  4. Click on Post Job or if you want to promote it immediately click on Boost Job.
  5. When you click on the Post Job, you will get a confirmation that your job has posted.

Note: Your job posting will only last for 30 days and then it will expire. You can edit it later after posting if you found out you made a mistake. They also have policies you must adhere to, no false job information is allowed.

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