How to port from Vodacom to MTN in South Africa

How to port from Vodacom to MTN in South Africa

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To port from one sim company to another has become a popular thing. You may find yourself in a situation where you are not getting your desired services from your network provider and then decide to port to another network. Here is a detailed guideline on how to port from Vodacom to MTN in South Africa.

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How to Port from Vodacom to MTN

  • Purchase an MTN SIM Card (You can buy it at any retail stores, or MTN Stores).
  • Ensure you RICA your SIM Card first but do not insert it into your phone yet.
  • From the Vodacom Sim card, SMS ‘PORTME#( 10-digit MTN SIM number)’ – The 10-digit MTN SIM number is found on the SIM Pack, thus your SMS should look as such: ’PORTME#0000000000’ and Send the text to 083 767 8287.
  • Wait for the confirmation SMS, informing you of the request being processed.
  • Now that you have received confirmation, wait a day before you can insert your new MTN SIM.
  • Insert the card the following day and select ‘New Number’ to activate your new SIM if prompted.

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