How to Make Money in South Africa Fast

How to Make Money in South Africa Fast

How to Make Money in South Africa Fast

Day by day the world economy keeps getting worse and there seems to be no remedy to that. The same thing is also occurring in South Africa, cost of living is increasing every day and the government is not helping matters at all. Do you know the worst part of it? many out there don’t care whether you survive or not. You are here because you want answers and solutions to your financial problems and you want it fast. Please know this, there’s no fast way to make money in this life but I will show you how to make it in no slow way.

Make Money In South Africa Fast


Make money from your hobby

Hobbies are those things you do with joy and have all your interest in them but it can be fun if you make money from it. If your hobby, for example, is about craft such as knitting and sewing, you can make money from it by making or designing clothes and sell them online in South African classified websites example OLX.

Start a Blogging business 

This might not pay fast like the others but it sure pays well too. Its all about creating a website, find a topic you want to be writing about and go for it. You might ask how you can earn from blogging? you earn through adverts, sponsored posts, product reviews, affiliate links and online advertisement companies.

Rent out your spare room

You have got a spare room that’s not in use? well, earn some money from it by cleaning it up and renting it out to business travelers. So how will people get to know of it, simply add it to popular online hospitality website like Airbnb?

Earn through surveys 

Every manufacturing company out there wants to know how their products are performing for them to know the demand rate, the mistakes they might be making and how to improve on them. There are survey websites that offer such services by being in partnership with this companies.

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All you have to do is to register in this survey websites and take the weekly surveys by answering the questions and in return gain some points which will later be redeemed as money or sometimes as shopping credits for some online shops.


If you possess some skills like for example graphic design, you can make money in freelance websites with your skill. Example of freelance skill is Fiverr.

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