How to link Etsy shop to Pinterest

How to link Etsy shop to pinterest

How to link Etsy shop to pinterest

We all know that Etsy is a popular American e-commerce company. Being an online seller is a great career but you will definitely need a lot of customers to make it big and many numbers of customers come when you place your items to more audiences. To make it in this field, you’ll need much exposure which will come from this great social media website known as Pinterest.

The reason why you should make use of Pinterest

Pinterest has lots of pictures and videos related to all items being offered on Etsy. Most Pinterest users are women and make use of the items like Jewelry, clothes, crafts, and wedding which you definitely offer as a seller.

It’s even better than having a blog because it is among the top 30 most visited websites in the world. When visitors come to the website, they will see your pin and share it both on Pinterest and even to other websites out there.

Lastly, your pin can keep trending and won’t disappear. Unlike other social media websites like Facebook that old posts might not be seen again as time flies.

How to pin your Etsy listings on Pinterest

To create a pin for your listings, you must follow some guidelines to have a good success rate. If you’re not aware of this, Pinterest is a search engine like Google so there are steps to follow to rank high in the search results when someone searches things related to your listings.

Creating a pin: Since Pinterest is all about pictures while creating a pin add the item as the picture and make your design professional a bit. Pinterest tends to rank items together, if your picture is about female shoes, it will rank together with other pins.

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Pin Title and Description: Your pin title should be combined with the related keywords people are searching for. For example, I searched “clothes” on Pinterest and you can see the related keywords below, those are words people search in combination with the keyword “clothe”. For the description column, add all the related keywords and describe the item thoroughly.

Be active and consistent: Always be active on your Pinterest account, and post consistently to attract people to your pin. Tailwind is good if you want to be scheduling posts and find it hectic to post by yourself regularly.

Guidelines to follow

  1. Open a Pinterest business account and not a personal account. Business accounts have more features and tools to help aid your business.

  2. Use your shop name to open your Pinterest account it makes you more branded.

  3. Having one account is cool, you can easily create many boards and add pins related to each board for clearer purposes.

How to link Etsy shop to Pinterest

To answer the long question you have been waiting for, follow my simple guide below to have your Etsy shop linked to your Pinterest account.

  • Log in to your Pinterest account.
  • Click on the drop-down menu symbol and select Settings.
  • On the left side click on Claimed Accounts.
  • ¬†Authorize your Etsy account to be linked to your Pinterest account.

If you’re accessing Pinterest through your smartphone then it will be advisable you make use of your mobile browser, preferably Chrome.

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