How to Know My Vodafone Number Egypt

How to know my vodafone number egypt

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Know how to find your Vodafone number Egypt as it can really be a great deal in a desperate situation. You never know how important this information can be untill you are faced with a desperate need that requires this knowledge.

I have found myself in an embarrassing situation where I would search through my brain to know my Vodafone number by heart. This unpleasant experience went on for some months till I finally uncovered the secret of how to know my Vodafone number from my device.

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The key to every problem is a solution. I soon discovered that I do not need to memorize my phone number because I could easily access it from my phone. Here are easy steps on how to know your Vodafone number in Egypt.

How to Know My Vodafone Number Egypt

There are 2 main ways to know your number and they are simple and accessible.

  1. USSD Codes
    Vodafone Egypt has a specialized USSD code for number checks. Follow the steps below to use USSD codes to check your Vodafone number.
    Dial *111*2# from your Vodafone registered mobile number.
    You will instantly receive an SMS with your registered number.
  2. Via the Vodafone Mobile app
    The second method you can use to get your number is through the mobile app. To check your number from the mobile app, you must have the app on your mobile device. If you do not have the app, go to the Apple store, Google Play store, or iTunes to download it.
    After the download, open the app and log in to your account.
    From the home screen of the app, you can clearly see your Vodafone mobile number displayed.


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