How to send please call me on Vodafone Qatar

How to send please call me on Vodaphone Quatar

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Vodafone has recently introduced Low Balance Services for its customers. Vodafone users can now send “Call Me Back” me messages to others especially when they are low on airtime. This article is to guide you on how to send please call me on Vodafone Qatar.

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The Call Me Back service allows¬†Hala customers to send a “Call Me Back” text, regardless of their calling credit, even within the grace period. Upon requesting, a message will be sent to the target number to call back the sender.This service allows.¬†It is FREE and simple to use.

The call can be initiated from anywhere in Qatar or abroad (if operator supports USSD) and up-to three requests per day can be sent from any Hala account. Simply type: * 103 * mobile number #.

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