How to Buy Data on Etisalat Egypt

How to buy data on Etisalat Egypt

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Learn how to buy data on Etisalat Egypt and the various methods to do that. Also, know that there are various data plans with different prices. Subscription of data plan can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Choose your plan wisely and make your purchase according to your need.

Etisalat Egypt is a renowned mobile network operator in Egypt. It is said to be the third mobile operator to enter the Egyptian market and the first integrated operator for telecom services in Egypt. Etisalat Egypt officially started its business in 2007 and attracted up to one million subscribers in the first fifty days of the launch of its operations. Since then, it has grown its reach providing high-frequency internet.

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List Of Etisalat Data Bundles

  1. Super Mega 5. 5 EGP gives you 260 MB of data.
  2. Super Mega 10. 10 EGP gives you 900 MB of data.
  3. Super Mega 20. 20 EGP gives you 2000 MB of data.
  4. Super Mega 35. 35 EGP gives you 4200 MB of data.
  5. Super Mega 50. 50 EGP gives you 6800 MB of data.
  6. Super Mega 75. 75 EGP gives you 10800 MB of data.
  7. Super Mega 100. 100 EGP gives you18000 MB of data.
  8. Super Mega 150. 150 EGP gives you 24000 MB of data.

To discover other data bundles, visit the Etisalat Egypt website.

How to Buy Data on Etisalat Egypt

There are various methods of buying data on Etisalat Egypt. They are:

  1. USSD Code.
    Etisalat data can be purchased with the use of USSD code Dial *890# to buy data.
  2. Via Website
    You can purchase data directly from the Etisalat website. To buy data directly from the website, click here.


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