How to find out who i am following on Facebook

To see who you’re following you need to understand that it is different from your friends on Facebook. Although once you become friends with someone you automatically start following the person. The following tab doesn’t show you those you are friends with and also following, it simply shows you those you are not friends with but you’re following them.

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This occurs when we add people up and they didn’t accept the request then we automatically start to follow them or those we decided to follow intentionally.

How to find out who I am following on Facebook 

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on your Profile Page (Not Your Timeline).
  • Click on Friends 
  • Click on More option under Friends TabHow to find out who i am following on Facebook
  • Under More option, you can see the following click on it
  • If you want to know who are following you, click on followers option present under the same More option.

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