How to download and use IBM Watson Text to Speech

This article will teach how to download and use IBM Watson Text to Speech. IBM which stands for International Business Machines Corporation is a big tech company in America that is well known. They have been in operation for more than 100 years and are into many other kinds of stuff, but we will focus on their AI, particularly text to speech section.

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There are many texts to speech out there but most of them are quite expensive to pay for. While the free ones sound so robotic to the ear and not a good choice for professional videos. Fortunately, IBM came up with their own text-to-speech software and it sounds way better than most of them out there. You also pay to make use of this, but I will show you how to download it for free.

How to download and use IBM Watson Text to Speech 

  • To get started, click on this link to access it.How to download and use IBM Watson Text to Speech begin
  • Once it opens, click on Explore the Demo to access the demo section of the software. If you click on the Start for free button, you will be taken to the pricing section, so we will follow the Demo part.
  • Type the article you want to convert to speech, select the particular voice you wish to use, play it first to make sure it sounds well.IBM Watson Text to Speech 
  • Right-click on the Play Voice button and select inspect.
  • The right section of your screen will pop up with some codes, the section we need to make use of is below the text highlighted with blue color.How to download and use IBM Watson Text to Speech 1
  • You will see the audio tag, just before “type” just type “controls” and hit the enter button. Click on the cancel section at the top right to close the code and use IBM Watson
  • A control section appears below, click on the three dots and select download. This will download the text to speech as mp3 to your computer.

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