How to create or post events on Facebook

After reading this article you should be able to Create or post events on Facebook. Events is a special thing for us and for those who are interested in it, we hold it to high esteem. Events in Facebook can be created for private or public use. We will explain them one after the other.

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How to create or post events on Facebook 

To create this, follow the steps below;

  • Take a look at the left side of your screen, click on Events.

    facebook events

  • Click on Create Event
  • A drop-down option shows below; showing Create Private Event and Public Event.

    How to create or post events on Facebook

  • The difference between them is only invited guests will see your event if it’s private while the public option anyone will be able to see your event and search for it, even if you aren’t friends. So depending on what you want to do, choose one of them.
  • The next thing is to fill the event name, location, date, time, description, and the category.


  • When you are done click on “Create” if you are not ready yet to publish you can click on “Save Draft”.

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