How to close a Bidvest bank account

How to close a bidvest bank account

How to close a bidvest bank account

Closing your Bidvest Bank Account can be done at any time by contacting the Bidvest bank Service Centre.  First, you need to inform the Bank that you wish to close your account then the necessary processes will be activated.

On your request to close your account, the Bank will pay you the balance credit balance available in your account after fees have been deducted. You will be required to provide all documentation required in accordance with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 before you can withdraw your funds available in the account.

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If your debit/credit card is inactive for 3 (three) months and the funds on the Card are less than R20 (Twenty Rand), fees owed will be deducted and your Bidvest Account will be closed. You will remain liable for outstanding amounts and Transactions conducted after your account has been closed. You must therefore destroy the Card by cutting through the magnetic strip. A Card that is not destroyed correctly may still be used, and if this happens you will be responsible for any subsequent Transaction.


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