how to check sanlam provident fund

how to check sanlam provident fund

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Sanlam’s members can check their Sanlam provident fund online and these facilities provide quick and easy access to important information regarding your retirement savings and benefits. This article outlines a step-by-step procedure on how to check your Sanlam Provident Fund.

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How to Check Sanlam Provident Fund

  1.  Go to the Salam website by clicking here.
  2. Select Register and insert your ID Number and Surname or Sanlam product number/membership number and click Search.
  3. Confirm your cell number and your e-mail address – click Next.
  4. Choose a username. A temporary password will be sent to your cell phone number.
  5. Enter the temporary password that was sent to you and change your password as the temporary password may only be used once.
  6. Once you have registered, you will see a summary of all your Sanlam products including your provident fund. Click on a product to view more details on that product.
  7. You can also download the free mobile app (the “Sanlam My Retirement” mobile app) from
    the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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