How to change someone’s perception of you

How to change someone's perceptionof you

How to change someone's perceptionof you

Worried about changing your perception after making a bad first impression or creating a better image of yourself from the previous one you were known for? As difficult as it may seem, especially if you feel like you’ve already made quite a negative impact, it is still possible. There are lots of little ways to show more confidence, appear more self-assured, and thus project a better image to the world.

It is true that the perception others have of you will not change overnight. And once a change is made, it won’t necessarily stay that way. Creating a positive perception takes your commitment as well as consistent action on your part to develop and refine the image you want the world to see.

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How To Change Someone’s Perception of You


  1. Be Observant of your impacts on others.

    You cannot change what you do not know so it’s important for you to be observant. Start by being honest with yourself. Notice how your behavior affects those around you. How do people react to you in meetings? In your workplace? Is your behavior welcoming or makes people feel uncomfortable? You can even inquire from them their opinion of you and make behavioral changes immediately.

  2. Mind Your Posture

    Your posture speaks so much about your control and your personality. While the temptation to hunch may be strong, keep in mind that poor posture can make you appear less than confident. So push those shoulders back. “If your shoulders are pushed back, they will appear broader and you will appear taller. You wouldn’t want to rub off as an inferior or weak person, especially with your prospects.

  3. Ask Plenty Of Questions

    When meeting someone new, or mingling in a group, focus on being that amazing person who asks lots of great questions. Make people feel free to talk to you about themselves and do not be selfish as to concentrate only on yourself.

  4. Eye Contact

    It’s totally normal to struggle with eye contact, especially if you’re a nervous or anxious person. But it is worth working on. Avoiding making healthy eye contact clues into others that you are not confident or sure of yourself. So make sure you practice eye contact in the mirror every day to get used to it.

  5. Approach and Attitude

    Your mannerism and approach to people speaks a lot about your person. Be cautious when you speak and use polite words to avoid presenting yourself as a brat.

  6. Body Language

    While it can be tricky to relax when you’re outside your element, it’s important to give it a try by slowing down, uncrossing your arms, and relaxing your face. Your body language speaks about how comfortable you are with yourself.

  7. Tell Yourself “I Matter”

    One of the best ways to get good vibes from others is to put them out yourself. So the next time you go out, remind yourself you matter. “Try to do a mental pep talk for yourself prior to an event taking place, and recognize that your presence and your unique strengths and personality and body type are all important.

  8. Fill Your Brain With Positive Thoughts

    People can totally tell when you’re focusing on negative thoughts. It’s important to get rid of that negative self-talk and try to be a bit more positive. Speaking positively to yourself will help you create a positive scene and people generally respond well to positivity.

  9. Be Your Charismatic Self

    The more comfortable you can be in any situation, the better. So go ahead and be your charismatic self by laughing, smiling, spinning yarns, or doing whatever is most “you.” If you go into a room radiating this great energy, people will take notice. And you’ll hold a positive spot in their brain as a result.

  10. Decide How You’d Like To Define Yourself

    Before heading into a situation where you’ll need to make a good impression, try filling your brain with a few positive words and use them to define yourself. “Pick three adjectives you want the attendees to use to describe you and act accordingly.


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