How to change my Truconnect phone number

How to change my Truconnect phone number

How to change my Truconnect phone number

In this article, I will teach you how to change your TruConnect phone number. Changing your phone number is very much possible, especially for mobile virtual network operators like TruConnect. Your Truconnect phone number can be changed but they’ve got some terms and conditions to follow to actualize this. TruConnect is a Government free phone and wireless service company and there some things you have to expect because the Government is involved. We will look into how this is done from the steps below.

How to change my TruConnect phone numberĀ 

These are terms and conditions from the company; You are allowed to request a telephone number change 2 times in a 12 month period, and an additional cost may apply. You may be able to port your number to another carrier.

There’s no specific process to take for you to actualize this, just dial their customer care number on (800) 430-0443 to make your intentions known. You can also chat them up through their website.

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