How To Celebrate Husband Birthday

How To Celebrate Husband Birthday

How To Celebrate Husband Birthday

Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday. Making your man feel special on his birthday is one of the greatest tasks women face. As a wife, it is of utmost importance that you put in extra effort to make your husband’s birthday special and memorable. Just like Valentine’s day, Anniversary and other special days are kept remarkable, so also his birthday.

On this special day, you need to sweep him off his feet, make up a special arrangement that will make him go “wow”. Sometimes, money may pose a great threat to that wonderful gift/surprise package you have for him, do not worry, there are ways to make him feel special with what you can afford.

How To Celebrate Husband Birthday

1. Dedicate Him a Love Song

You may decide to wake him with a romantic love song that you know he will love. Let the song flow out of the speakers melodiously and enjoy the smiles on his face. Better yet, you can compose the song for him if you know how to. Believe me, your man will cherish that moment always.

2. Family Photobook

Make a photo book of family memories of good times and special occasions and place them by his bedside or on specific areas where he can see and admire them.

3. Write Him Love Notes

This option may be more suitable for you especially if you do not know how to sing. Be creative with words. Let your note express how much he means to you. Place the notes in strategic places where you know he will find them. You can also make a puzzle, game or map for him to find them.

4. Fun Outdoor Activity

You can plan an outdoor activity that will suit the budget you have. If your husband loves going to the movies, theatre, picnic, museum, games. Whatever you know that will make him feel the fun of the day.

5. Cook His Favourite Meal

Change the menu for the day to suit him. From breakfast to dinner should be a cuisine that he loves and cherishes.

6. Surprise Party

Plan a surprise birthday party inviting his friends and colleagues. The guest list should be made up of people that are very dear to him. If you can, invite his old friends that he hasn’t hooked up with in a while due to his tight schedule. If you have kids, they should be involved in the preparation. They can draw paintings and sing songs for daddy.

7. Birthday Cake

Nothing makes the day special like a birthday cake specially baked and decorated for him. The cake should be lit with candles for him to make a wish.

8. A Perfect Birthday Gift

Whatever you decide to give him on his birthday should be carefully thought out. It must not be expensive, your gift should come from the heart. It should be something that he will like.

9. Birthday Cards

Buy cards that are romantic and sweet. If you have kids, it would be nice for them to select cards for daddy and present it to him.

10. Decorations

Make creative and thoughtful decorations in the bedroom, in the bathroom or hidden places but be sure to make him discover them.

How to celebrate Husband birthday
Decorated bedroom

However, these plans will only be appreciated if you put in your love when making them. Whatever you decide to do for him on his birthday, just make it special.



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