How To Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key

how to activate windows 10
Windows 10 is the most recent Microsoft Windows and there are lots of speculations about it. You might have faced some issues with activation of windows 10 and this has led you to the question how can I activate windows 10 for free? Don’t forget that upgrading of Windows is free. If you want to upgrade from previous Windows to the latest one it’s also free as long as your present window is the original one.

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How To Activate Windows 10 Without Product Key

We will make this explanation as simple as possible by teaching the various easy methods to go about it that won’t give you much trouble trying to achieve.

  1. Simple method: This method is technical and very simple to achieve. Firstly, install Windows 7 or 8 and activate it then no need to activate Windows 10. The next thing is to upgrade it to Windows 10.
  2. By using ISO file: This method works by making use of ISO files instead of upgrade method above.

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  3. By activating it with Windows loader: This is for those using Windows 7 Ultimate and finding it difficult to activate Windows 10 even by using Ms-Toolkit. Here you have to make use of Windows Loader, just download and Run the Windows Loader Software and Simply Allow It to Activate You Windows.
  4. Make use of Microsoft Toolkit: This method only works when you have a Windows 7 PC because the Microsoft Toolkit Software works with all Windows but doesn’t work on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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