How does Facebook suggest friends

How does Facebook suggest friends

How does Facebook suggest friends

When you have a Facebook account, the social media giant will always recommend friends to you. These recommendations can appear on your newsfeed, or in your notification. It’s important to know how this works so you won’t be pissed off when you see friends you don’t know being suggested to you. Read the write-up below to find out how this works.

How does Facebook suggest friends? 

  • Education¬†

    Facebook suggests friends from what you filled in your profile as education attended. When you fill in the institution attended, others too must have attended the same school, so Facebook would assume that you know this person and suggest the individual to you.

  • Mutual Friends

    These are friends that you share friends with. When Facebook sees that you guys share same friends, they will eventually recommend them as suggestions to add them up. They believe that when you share mutual friends you’re likely to know that person, these works most times and sometimes it doesn’t work.

  • Religion

    When you will fill in a particular church or mosque address it would make Facebook also recommend those that filled the same as suggested friends to you. This has helped many to see most of their members on Facebook and also connect with them.

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