How do i set up a birthday fundraiser

How do i set up a birthday fundraiser

The fundraiser feature was launched in 2017 by Facebook. At the early stage when it was introduced, Facebook charged a fee from the money raised but they have stopped that. All the money raised goes straight to the cause it was raised for without any charges.

Basic Information you need to know

  • Only people from certain countries can create fundraisers on Facebook at this time.
  • If you create a fundraiser for yourself or someone else on Facebook, all donations are sent to the fundraiser creator’s personal checking account through Stripe, Facebook’s fundraising payment processor.

How do I set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on Fundraiser.

    How do i set up a birthday fundraiser

  • Make sure you have your birthday listed on Facebook, If you’re within a good couple of weeks of your birthday, you should see a reminder at the top of the page reminding you to set up a fundraiser.
  • Select your nonprofit of choice. You have quite a large number to choose from, and Facebook will automatically filter it by causes your friends have given to in the past.
  • Pick your charity of choice, you have to nail down the details of the fundraiser, such as how much money you want to raise, and when the fundraiser ends. The next page then lets you title your fundraiser and write a status about why you’ve chosen this particular nonprofit.
  • Select a cover photo — usually the organization supplies one, and hit Create. Facebook will then prompt you to share the fundraiser to your profile, invite specific friends to donate or to donate yourself

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