How Do I Send a Message to Uber Support

how do i send a message to uber support

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It can sometimes be really difficult to send a message to Uber support especially when you are just a new user. Read through this article to learn how to send a message to Uber support to sort out whatever issues or difficulties you experience.

There are two specific ways to contact Uber support and these routes are available to both users and riders. These routes are; the uber website and the app.

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How Do I Send a Message to Uber Support

  1. For Trip Issues:
    When your reason for needing help support is related to a specific trip that was taken, simply find the trip in question by accessing the “Your Trips” section in the menu bar. Select the appropriate trip to show you the trip details, trip receipt, and a “Help” section. From the Help section, select the category that aligns with the issue in question and submit your feedback or message to the Customer support team.
  2. For Account and Payment Issues:
    Visit the Help section on the uber website that provides information on topics including Account and Payment Options, A Guide to Uber, Signing Up, Accessibility, and more. If you are using the app, click on the menu bar to have access to uber support.

Furthermore, your question or inquiries submitted via an article will go through the support team, who operate 24/7. They will look into your query and aim to get back to you within 24 hours. This reply will come back to you as an email and also through a push notification through your app. You can reply to this email/notification if you have further questions.

Also, all your previous support correspondence will remain in your app to enable you to find the answers to previous questions you have asked. To find your previous correspondences with the Uber support team, just go to the “Help” section in the menu bar and scroll down to the “Support messages” section.

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