How to Top Up iD Mobile Data

How to top up iD mobile data

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Knowing how to top up iD mobile data is one of the exciting experiences of the network service provider. As it is usually said; data is life and it is a powerful tool necessary in our world today so it’s good you know your way around it.

What is mobile data and how can it be equated with life? Mobile data is the distribution of digital data through wireless networks. It’s the invisible connection that allows you to visit websites and use apps on your cell phone or tablet, even while you’re out and about and this gives you the opportunity to connect with people in various places of the world at a time. With mobile data, distance is no longer a barrier.

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Whatever your plan with, you can have access to this mobile data if you know how to top up mobile data. With an iD Mobile Pay As You Go SIM, you may choose a great-value package that includes unlimited minutes, texts, and data at low costs. You can then also simply use top-up credit as you please until it runs out.

Furthermore, you also have access to mobile data rollover which is a free feature on all new iD plans. It rolls over unused monthly data to the next month, giving you a second chance to use it. Back to the business of the day, below are steps to take to top up iD Mobile data.

How to Top Up iD Mobile Data

  1. Download the mobile app of iD Mobile or visit the My Account online.
  2. Log into the iD App or the iD Account area.
  3. Select top up to top up your account and select your desired plan.
  4. Make your payment.
  5. You can also top up by calling the automated top-up line on 7777.

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