How do i contact Facebook Administration

Facebook Help Center

To contact Facebook administration could be because of so many reasons. You might want to report something to them or appeal to them for violating their terms and condition. Remember that Facebook has over one billion users which slows down your message to reach to them fast. What I mean is if you try to contact them and you don’t get a fast response from them have it in mind that your message might be in a queue.

You can’t contact Facebook via email or phone call, you can only do that through your Facebook account. Depending on your reasons on trying to contact them, I have listed the whole possible ways you can achieve that.

How do I contact Facebook Administration

These are the possible ways or reasons you can contact Facebook

  • Report a problem to Facebook
  • Through Appeal
  • Make use of the Facebook Help Center


1. Report a problem to Facebook  

Report to facebook

There are things you can see on Facebook that you know is not good morally. This could be a post from a page or profile about nudity, hate speech, violence. When you see such post click on the three dots on the upper right corner then select the category of what the post violation is and click on Send.

2. Through Appeal 

Facebook debugger

This is usually used if your account was disabled or your website link was blocked and stopped from being shared on Facebook. I will focus more on the website link being blocked because the other can be done through the Facebook Help page. Your website link can be blocked by Facebook thereby stopping you from sharing it there. You can appeal by visiting their debug page to lay your complaints.

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3. Make use of the Facebook Help Center 

Facebook Help Center

The Facebook Help center is a great feature from Facebook. It helps solve most of your problems by teaching you what to do to solve some little issues. For example, your question might be ”Why am I seeing an error message saying I can’t reply to a conversation on Facebook?” The simplest way to address this is by visiting the Help center and selecting the topic on this, follow the steps listed to answer your questions.

Note: If you are using the Facebook app on your phone you can reach out to Facebook by simply shaking your phone when the app is launched and you are logged in.

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  1. Hi Facebook I loged out of my Facebook page I for get my password and mobile number I used to make the page u along time ago so can I help me log back in please my face boo page is willie x sueellen places get bk to me I can send u I d if u want xx

    1. Without the mobile number, it will be difficult to log back in. Did you open your Facebook account with an e-mail?

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