How do i cancel an event on Facebook

How do i cancel an event on Facebook

To cancel or delete an event means you must have created it. It’s very simple to achieve this and as we usually do in 247Howto we will guide you on the steps to take. The best time to cancel an event is when you no longer need it or the proposed program was canceled. Read below to know the steps to take when you want to achieve it.

How do I cancel an event on Facebook

  • We believe you must have known where to find your events, so without wasting your time, visit event and in the event, you wish to cancel click on Edit.
  • In the next option click on Cancel Event located in the bottom left.
  • Click Cancel Event or Delete Event.
  • Then click on Confirm.

Once you complete the above process, a notification will be sent to all the people you invited who didn’t decline the invitation.

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