How can i win her back

How can i win her back

How can i win her back

Starting a relationship can be somewhat difficult but rekindling a lost one is much more difficult. Considering that a lot of water has gone under the bridge, it may take much more than the simple romantic gestures that used to get her attention to bring her back to you.

There is no specific rule or pattern when it comes to matters of the heart as people, thoughts, likes, tolerance, and desires differ. This article is written to provide you with the basic ingredients that will help you win her back and get it right this time.

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How To Win Her Back

  1. Consider What Went Wrong: Before you decide to take this road back to her heart, be sure you understand what when wrong with your relationship and you are ready to make some adjustments where necessary to make it right.
  2. Set Aside Your Differences: You need to understand that two cannot work together unless they agree. Carefully consider your differences when making your way back to her heart. What works for you may not be the same for her. Be careful to find that soft spot.
  3. Jokes: Researches have shown that jokes work better with women than men. You need to bring out the humor side of you.
  4. Honesty: You may want to tell her what she wants to hear but be careful, to be honest with her. Do not spare the important details. She needs to know she can trust you to come out clean at all times.
  5. Gestures: Consider some nice gestures that matter. It is good to shower her with gifts but you may score a higher point if you impress her with non-materialistic gestures like complimenting her hair, makeup, and assisting her with groceries.
  6.  Friendship: This is the fundamental and most important aspect of a relationship. Make sure you are everything she needs in a friend. She needs to know that you are super reliable and that she can count on you.
  7. Be Persistent: You already know that getting her back won’t be an easy task so you need to be patient with her. Do not be too quick to give up trying when you don’t get the desired result. She may just be holding back to know how much you really want her.

Rekindling a lost love is not going to be an easy nut to crack but it sure isn’t impossible. However, whatever you decide to do, be sure to be real and true. Your sincerity will bring her back to you.

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