How To Choose The Best Website Builder – Top 6

This article is about how to choose the best website builder I am going to direct you on making the right choice. For those that are still novices about this topic, you might ask what is a website builder? website builders are tools used in constructing a website without doing any manual coding. Back in the days, programmers code websites manually to have a website but website builders have made that to become a past by ordinarily fixing, moving and editing parts of the website.

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This has now made it possible for even the novice to know how to design a website, although not a total novice. There are many website builders which we are going to discuss as we progress but all this depends with the kind of design you have in mind and also the features needed in the website you want to publish for the world to see.

Advantages of using a website builder to construct your website

  1. Easy to use: Using a website builder is easy and flexible, no much work required. You get to work with ease and no much thinking to achieve your desires.
  2. No programming codes: While using this tool, you don’t need to have an idea of html, Php and others to create a website.
  3. Cheap: While making use of web builder, you will find out that cost of owning a website and maintaining it is really cheap.Since we have listed the advantages let’s now look at the list of the best web builders that leading in this area. We will take many things into consideration so you will be aware and choose rightly.

How To Choose The Best Website Builder (2018) – Top 6

  1. Wix: You must have heard of it or seen their ads, they are one of the most popular and among the leading company in this category. Their drag and drop makes it so easy to use and not only that they have nice customer support too. With over 500 templates to choose from you also get to watch the demo of how to work with the templates, isn’t that exciting? Still am not done, they’ve got a free plan too though you have only 500mb free space to make use of.
  2. Weebly: This is also a popular name with almost same features as Wix especially in the line of drag and drop section. Going through Weebly it lacks some features that the Wix has which makes it the perfect choice for those that wants to design a personal website. The dashboard is a bit free and the tools are clearer to sight and straightforward.
  3. IM Creator: Though not so popular but it serves an important purpose. This is used specifically when you want to create a free website with a lot of images. The two web builders above have more functions than the IM Creator but it’s still a nice option because if it’s easy to use functionality.

  4. Jimdo: Just like every other website builder this is also a nice option just that it’s more of created for total newbies that’s why they have one of the best customer support systems who are ever ready to help and guide you. Jimdo has a limited number of templates unlike Weebly and Wix, this makes it easy to figure things fast because of its easy and few options.

  5. Webnode: Having over 30 million users, this site builder can be used to design a website within 5 minutes. There’s something about it, its drag-and-drop feature is not as fast or flexible as Wix or Weebly and another limitation is when you drag any element of the website to another section it changes form and shape which you may not really be happy with.
  6. Blogger: Owned by Google, this is also one of the simplest options in this list. The drag-and-drop feature is cool and it’s used by millions of people making it head-to-head with WordPress. The good part about this is that you can also download templates from outside and upload them here. When using it free without paying for any domain name, Google will still index your content before you forget they are owned by Google.

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