How To Buy Cheap Domain Names – 4 Best Websites

How To Buy Cheap Domain Names – 4 Best Websites

Getting a domain name is the first step to take when you want to have a website. Its the name of the website just like Facebook or 247howto the domain name of Facebook is When the internet came out newly, domains where something that’s a bit difficult to acquire but today its one of the easiest thing you can buy especially since technology has evolved. We are here to teach you the ways you can acquire or buy cheap domain names. Just like we usually do in 247howto, we will explain and teach you the guides you need to get cheap domain names.

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Things you must know before you buy a domain name

Before I go ahead with how to buy a cheap domain their things you need to know or be aware of so you don’t make mistakes.

  1. Make sure the domain registrar is ICANN-accredited: You may ask what an ICANN means Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, they coordinate all the internet addresses (which is the websites domain name)  and make the computer to locate them. To register with them is expensive, so any domain registrar that’s ICANN-accredited means business and won’t fold easily.
  2. Have some high level of control over your domain: There are some options that are simple (example: changing of nameservers) that doesn’t require much expertise, some of the domain registrars won’t give you access to it and this would require you contacting them to make some of this changes and the unfortunate part is it might not be done when you most need it.
  3. Fees for transfer of domain and also the privacy of domain: Some domain companies charge you for hiding the information you filled during from the public in websites Whois while some don’t. Likewise the transfer of the domain, some companies charge you before they release your domain when you want to change domain registrar. Look out for this things before making a choice on the company to work with for some of this fees are unnecessary.
  4. Make sure your domain comes with a free email account: This should be free but some companies charge before you can have a customized email from your domain name.
  5. Register your domain with your name and details: This is not like email where someone can create an email for you and hand you over the password, this is pure different especially because there’s a payment being made for this products. Registering your domain with another person’s details could bring some issues for you, more importantly when the domain expires and the one who suppose to renew it isn’t there, you could loose it all.

Websites you can buy cheap domains

We have come to the main point of our write up and that’s the domain company registrars you can buy cheap domains.

How To Buy Cheap Domain Names - 4 Best Websites

  1. Domain: One of the first domain companies out there, the name of their website already shows you their function as a company. Their .com domains cost $9.99, they also have domain extensions in which some are cheaper while some are more costly, but i used .com because its the most popular.
  2. Godaddy: Godaddy is one of the most popular in domain registrar in the world today but there are some controversies surrounding them. For first-timers, they claim to offer $1.99 price for the first year but it doesn’t seem to be the truth, the real deal is around $10. We still rate them among the best in terms of the domain because they have other offers in stock for you.
  3. 1and1: Another great domain company registrar out there 1and1. They offer $0.99 for the domain but only for first timers, after that their price goes up to its normal cost of $14.99. When it comes to being cheap in domains they are one of the best considering their information privacy is free so you don’t get to pay to hide your registration information from whois and also you can create a customized email with your domain without extra cost.
  4. Name: Name charge $8.99 and above per year for their .com domains and other domain extensions. Their support system is nice because they are available for chat, email, and callback requests.

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